Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Affairs supports all PCCR Alumni by fostering camaraderie and sustaining harmonious relationships among graduates. Our goal is to enhance Alumni involvement in the institution’s programs and activities, including community outreach and research initiatives.

Distinguished Alumni

J/Csupt. Dennis U. Rocamora

      • BS Criminology Batch 1997
      • Top 2 Criminologist Licensure Examination, 1999
      • Deputy Chief for Operations, BJMP, NCR; Former Regional Director (NCR)
      • Former Regional training Director (JNTI)

Prof. Jezzalyn f. Ablay

      • B.S. Criminology Batch 2008
      • Top 8 Criminologist Licensure Examination, 2009
      • Crime investigator 1
      • PNP-CIDG, PNP-NHQ, Camp Crame
      • 2017 Non Uniformed Personnel of the Year

Dr. John Romer L. Venturillo

      • B.S. Criminology Batch 2010
      • MS Criminal Justice Batch 2013
      • PhD Criminology Batch 2020
      • Top 2 Criminologist Licensure Exam, 2010
      • Investigation Agent III, National Bureau of Investigation

Alumni Success Stories

Honorable Senator Robinhood Cariño Padilla

Robin Padilla is a well-known figure in the vibrant world of Philippine cinema, born in November, 1969 in Camarines Norte, noted for his explosive performances as matinee idol and action star. But behind the scenes, Padilla’s life narrative takes a surprising turn that turns him from a newsworthy celebrity into an honorable senator with a remarkable redemption story.

In 1994, he ran into legal problems and was imprisoned for illegally having firearms, signaling a significant shift in his trajectory. For Padilla, being imprisoned marked a crucial turning point in his life. He was engulfed in an unfamiliar environment while incarcerated, surrounded by lawbreakers and criminals. Rather than shattering him, this event served as a catalyst for change. Within those jail walls, Padilla took stock of his deeds and seized the chance to pick up tips from his fellow prisoners. He later received a presidential pardon that took dramatic turn on his redemption story inspiring him to pursue his lifelong dream of joining the police force.

With great motivation, he enrolled in the Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR), Asia’s first criminology school and earned his degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminology in 2001. His views on justice, society, and service were greatly influenced by the institution. Having personally witnessed the life-changing potential of education, he developed a strong love for community development initiatives after realizing how crucial it is to take care of others in order to enable them to change their course in life. Armed with criminology degree and a strong sense of duty, he changed his focus from showbiz to spend more time helping people through public service.

His dedication to community development projects, motivated by personal experiences and a desire to make a positive difference, laid the groundwork for his political career. In the recent senatorial elections, he emerged as a popular candidate, winning a triumph that reflected his redemption path. Now a senator, he proudly serves the country, deriving inspiration from his personal hardships and accomplishments.

Sen. Robin Padilla’s life story exemplifies the value of redemption and second chances. From a rough past to a successful political career, he exemplifies the transformational power of resilience, education, and a real commitment to community service. As he navigates the halls of the Senate, Padilla continues to inspire people who believe in the power of change and the ability to overcome hardships.