PCCR Student Organizations and Clubs are formal groups of students that have similar interests and advocacies, moving toward a common vision and goal. These groups are made up of bona fide Batang 641 under the guidance of an advisor from the faculty or administration of the school.

There are various categories of PCCR Student Organizations and Clubs. Co-curricular clubs help the students do better in certain disciplines that complement their academic student experience. Extra-curricular clubs allow students to express themselves through their hobbies and interests in area that are not directly connected to their academic disciplines.

Official Recognized Clubs and Organizations

PCCR | PCCR Council of Student Leaders

PCCR Council of Student Leaders

The Council of Student Leaders represents the entire student body of the Philippine College of Criminology. It is also the mother organization of all clubs and organizations in school. CSL is the umbrella parliament, it is their duty and responsibilities to influence, guide and serve every Batang 641.

PCCR | Chess Club

PCCR Chess Club

The PCCR Chess Club was established with the aim of promoting the game of chess among students and fostering a passion for strategic thinking, critical analysis, and sportsmanship. Our club provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where students of all skill levels can come together to learn, practice, and compete in the game of chess.

PCCR | Combat Shooting Club

Combat Shooting Club

The organization shall be a non-profit organization composed of bona fide students and personnel of Philippine College of Criminology, all of legal age and majority of whom are residents of the Philippines, who have voluntarily agreed to pursue, practice, develop, and propagate different kinds of combat shooting techniques in this institution.

Commission on Student Elections

The PCCR COMSEL is an independent and impartial body responsible for overseeing and conducting fair and transparent elections within the high school and college.

PCCR Debate Club

Aim to help the students become critical thinkers and speak with reasons and justifications.

Every Nation Campus

In Every Nation Campus, our heart is to serve high school and university students in knowing and living their God’s purposes and identity in life. We are most passionate about training them in areas of Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence (L.I.F.E).

Exsequi Esports

Exsequi Esports is the gaming community we want to build to foster all the students with hidden talents and skills. Aside from having our team representative in our games, we would like to unlock talent in the other aspect of esports. Esports is not just about playing and competing, here you will also learn steaming, broad casting, organizing events, team managing and many more.

Imprint Student Publication

Provide a platform for student voices, promote freedom of expression, and deliver timely and relevant content that informs, entertains, and engages our readers.

Kapisanan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Filipino

Ang Kapisanan ng Mag-aaral sa Filipino ay isang akademikong organisasyon na binubuo ng mga mag-aaral ng Philippine College of Criminology. Layunin ng Kapisanan ng Mag-aaral sa Filipino ay pagbuklurin ang mga mag-aaral ng Filipino upang bumuo ng isang Kapisanan na mangungunang itaguyod ang pagka Pilipino sa kolehiyo.

Martial Arts Association

PCCr MAA is an organization for all Martial Arts Enthusiast and for those students who want to learn self-defense that can be used in real life situations. They can improve their discipline in different aspects like in terms of mind; memory retention, confidence, and self-control, in body aspects; flexibility, endurance, coordination, and balance, and in their spirit; respect, integrity, humility, perseverance and patience.

Multimedia Arts Club

MMAC aims to help Multimedia Division and PCCR in improving the school’s education system, branding and marketing by utilizing all forms of media services–by creating modern, fun and engaging materials to be showcased in corporate events and social media platforms.

Peer Facilitators Guild

The Peer Facilitators Guild will serve as the arm of the Guidance and Counseling in extending the services to our fellow students. It helps to address the mental health concerns of the student and assist them by providing emotional support and listening ear.

Forensic Society

The Forensic Society is a community of passionate individuals who share a deep interest in forensic science. The organization’s aim is to provide a supportive and engaging environment for learning and exploring various investigative techniques.

Red Cross Youth Council

The PCCR – Red Cross Youth Council is a school-based organization which  educates and empowers studentsempowers’ students and the youth in the Red Cross spirit by delivering constructive training, competent leadership, and skill sets to channel and utilize their passion and virtue into significant humanitarian initiatives.

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club of PCCR Manila is a part of an international club dedicated to hone leadership and professional skills and give service to the community while also having fun in the process.

Youth in Action for Community Awareness and Progress

We, The Youth in Action for Community Awareness and Progress or (YACAP).  The aim of this student organization is to provide awareness on socio-civic and political related issues among the community of PCCR through different community engagement activities and programs.

Paghirang: Batch MANDATALA

PAGHIRANG: A historic and significant occasion for PCCR that establishes the unique identity of each batch. Batch 2027, comprising approximately 3,300 first-year students, has been named Batch Mandatala. MANDATALA stands for ‘MANDIRIGMANG MAY DANGAL, TALINO, AT LAKAS.’

The ritual of batch naming is more than simply a formality; it is a powerful symbol of the complex tapestry of experiences that the batch is about to begin on. It goes beyond the usual, infusing the academic path with meaning, coherence, and a dash of the remarkable.

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