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November 4, 2022
PCCR President Lei Bautista (center) with the agents and support staff of the Admissions Team

Coming off a very productive enrollment campaign for AY 2022-2023, Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) Admissions Teams recently held its victory celebration at the Shercon Resort and Ecology Park, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, from October 29 to 30, 2022. Touting the individual and group efforts of the High School, College, and Graduate School Enrollment  Teams, the two-day out-of-town ceremony also served as a culminating incentive activity for a job well done.

With a total enrollment of 6363 students for AY 22-23, The College of Criminal Justice (CCJ) increased its population by 78.94 percent after last year’s massive increase of 192 percent. This year’s campaign saw a phenomenal increase of 165.8 percent in Graduate School enrollment, with a total of 433 students against last year’s 163. The High School Department also saw a significant improvement in their recruitment, with an 11.38% increase of 4700 from last year’s total of 4219.

President Lei Bautista and STX Head/Marketing OIC Ed Solomon with Top Performing Agents from L-R: Renato Delloson (3rd), Roldan Lee Tumapat (2nd) and Aljeff MAri Soledad (1st)

The Admissions Agents were recognized individually for their efforts, with special incentives and awards going to the top performers. With a staggering total of 426 enrollments made, Aljeff Mari Soledad was awarded as the top agent overall, followed by Roldan Lee Tumapat with 393 and Renato Delloson with 319. Just shy of the Top 3 was the High School Department’s Junjie Sultan with 314 enrollees.

For their efforts in organizing their team production, Dickcarl Torio and John Benedict Batac were also awarded as Best Performing Team Leaders for College and High School, respectively.

Supplementing the Admissions Team’s effort were awardees of the Bayanihan Incentive, where students and employees were also rewarded for their recruitment efforts. The Top 5 producers for the Bayanihan Campaign were Melanie Buenaventura with 95 referrals, CCJ Dean Dr. Jezreel Vicente with 54 referrals, Riza Diez with 51 referrals, Student Experience Head and Marketing and Admissions OIC Eduard Solomon with 27 referrals, and OIC Registrar Julie Ann Ramil with 23 referrals.

The Fun and Dynamic PCCR Marketing Team



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