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October 9, 2023

By: Danelle Aira Posada Solsona

On September 25, 2023 Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Philippine College of Criminology partnered to strengthen cybersecurity in the Philippines recognizing its importance in the digital world.

This exploratory dialogue at Camp Crame was led by President Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista representing PCCR and Honorable Benjamin “Benhur” C. Abalos, Jr. for DILG. Other prominent college officials such as Executive Vice President, Mr. Karim Bangcola; Assistant Vice President for Student Experience, Mr. Eduard Solomon; Graduate School Dean, Dr. Jezreel Vicente; College of Criminal Justice Dean, Dr. Gaypelyn Casiw; Alumni Affairs  Head, Dr. Kerwin Bartolome; and Linkages and Partnership Coordinator, Mr. Christian Patron were also present to show their support.

Developing a Cybersecurity Program:
The collaboration aims to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity program. This program will train future professionals with a standardized curriculum, covering theory and practical skills. It will also incorporate emerging trends and technologies to keep up with the evolving cyber landscape.

Quality Instructors for Quality Investigators:
By emphasizing skilled instructors, cybersecurity electives, and international cooperation, the partnership aims to equip investigators to combat cybercrime effectively. Quality instructors are crucial. DILG and PCCR will recruit experienced professionals and subject matter experts to provide comprehensive training. This ensures instructors are up-to-date with cybersecurity practices, producing skilled investigators.

Hiring Non-Uniformed Personnel:

The collaboration emphasizes hiring specialized cybersecurity personnel to strengthen capabilities. These experts will complement uniformed personnel and contribute to effective strategies. By expanding the talent pool, the partnership enhances the overall cybersecurity workforce in the Philippines.

Cybersecurity Electives in Forensic Science:

Cybersecurity electives in Forensic Science will be introduced. Students in this field can develop specialized knowledge in cybersecurity investigations. This interdisciplinary approach bridges the gap between traditional forensics and cybercrime.

Collaboration with IT Professionals from Singapore:

Collaboration with IT professionals from Singapore is important. Singapore’s expertise will enhance cybersecurity practices in the Philippines. Knowledge exchange, research projects, and training programs will enable Filipino investigators to learn from Singapore’s best practices.

In conclusion, this collaboration strengthens cybersecurity in the Philippines. Quality instructors, cybersecurity electives, and collaboration with Singaporean professionals equip investigators to combat cyber threats effectively. A comprehensive approach ensures a secure digital future for the Philippines.



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