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May 26, 2023

by: Joan Adrian C. Tabalanza

The Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) and the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) collaborated on April 26, 2023, to provide graduating criminology students with a highly educational and entertaining online seminar. Entitled “PACU Usapang Industriya: Cybersecurity,” the webinar aimed to address the skills gap and the cybersecurity challenges faced by law enforcement agencies. Its theme–Behind the Shield: An In-Depth Look at Cybersecurity in Law Enforcement–not only excited the students but also attracted professionals who were keen to gain insight into the latest trends and threats in cybersecurity.

The event brought students, educators, and law enforcement professionals from diverse locations with the aim of analyzing workforce requirements, current trends, and the value of micro-credentials and international certificates. A registration of attendees was done before the PCCR’s promotional video and the video commemorating PACU’s 90th anniversary were shown.

All online participants were welcomed by Mr. Joan Adrian C. Tabalanza, a faculty member of the College of Criminal Justice, who also served as the event’s emcee. He provided an overview of the webinar’s topic and theme, which prepared the audience for an engaging conversation on cybersecurity in law enforcement.

Three presenters were included at the event, and they highlighted their expertise on cybersecurity. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s (PDEA) Director of Human Resource Management Service Elyvenson Plaza began by outlining the skills needed by law enforcement professionals and the qualities graduates should possess. He emphasized the information and abilities required for success in a career in law enforcement.

Agent Ceth, an agent with the PDEA Investigation Service, spoke about the most recent developments in cybersecurity, including risks, problems, and demands for law enforcement careers. He offered insightful commentary on the constantly changing subject of cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and keeping abreast of emerging trends and technologies. 

The importance of international certifications and cybersecurity micro-credentials was discussed by Dennis Layug, President/CEO of Kaizen International Holdings. He underlined how these certifications may build credibility and give students the skills they need for career success.

Dr. Jezreel Vicente, dean of the PCCR Graduate School, moderated the panel discussion following each participant’s presentation. The three speakers led a lively debate and moderated the Q&A session, which gave online participants the chance to ask questions.

Dr. Noel A. Sergio, Vice-President for Institutional Planning and Development, and Dr. Vicente gave all three presenters awards of appreciation. As a show of respect for one another, the five gentlemen gleefully posed for the camera. The webinar’s summary was subsequently given by Dr. Gaypelyn Casiw, dean of CCJ, outlining the most important topics covered by the presenters.

The webinar stressed the value of cybersecurity to law enforcement and the demand for in-depth instruction and training in this area. In order to build legitimacy and give students the necessary abilities, it underlined the importance of micro-credentials and international certifications. In-depth discussions on the most recent developments and problems in cybersecurity gave teachers, professionals, and students the chance to hear from subject-matter experts.

Dr. Sergio thanked the creative minds behind the event in his concluding remarks and recognized the school staff members in charge of it as well as their renowned PACU peers. He stressed the value of partnerships and collaboration in accomplishing a common objective.

The webinar was a tremendous success, increasing participant knowledge of the value of cybersecurity in law enforcement and educating them about it. It was a fantastic opportunity for people from different industries to interact, gain knowledge from experts, and have insightful conversations on the most recent developments and difficulties in cybersecurity. The event served as a helpful venue for educators, professionals, and students to learn more about this crucial subject. The webinar demonstrated how cooperation, instruction, and ongoing learning may assist in addressing the difficulties faced by law enforcement organizations in the area of cybersecurity.



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