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July 21, 2023

By Joan Adrian Tabalanza

The Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) held a special event to celebrate and thank its partner schools for their continuous support and collaboration on June 1, 2023, at the Vikings SM Mall of Asia. The event, titled Pasasalamat 2023 featured various segments that showcased the achievements and offerings of PCCR and its students and alumni.

The event was hosted by Ken Polidario and Minnie Paguio, who kept the audience engaged and entertained with fun challenges and prizes. The attendees were encouraged to use the official hashtag #PCCRPasasalamat2023 on their social media posts to show their appreciation and support for PCCR and its partner schools.

The event started with an AVP featuring Mr. Eduard Solomon, the Assistant Vice President for Student Experience of PCCR. He talked about why PCCR is the best choice for aspiring criminologists and law enforcers. He highlighted the qualified faculty, facilities, industry partners, accreditation and affiliations, and alumni success of PCCR.

Next, the event proceeded to the awarding of certificates to about 50 partner schools that have contributed to the development of PCCR and its students. The certificates were presented by Mr. Solomon and Mr. Karim Bangcola, the Executive Vice President of PCCR.

The event also featured a speech from Ria Velasquez, who ranked fifth in the Criminology Licensure Examination last April 2023. She shared her journey from being a very timid high school student to becoming a topnotcher in her chosen field. She also expressed her gratitude to her professors, the school, her parents, and her high school for supporting her along the way.

The attendees enjoyed a sumptuous dinner while listening to some soothing music from Quatro Voce, a talented group of singers from PCCR. They also had a chance to win an early bird award for those who arrived early for the event.

After dinner, the event continued with another AVP featuring the Student Affairs Department of PCCR. They showcased the various programs and services that they offer to enhance the student life and well-being of PCCR students. They also highlighted some of the achievements and awards that PCCR students have garnered in various competitions and events.

Following the AVP, the event had a special presentation from Dennis Layug, the President/CEO of Kaizen International Holdings. He talked about microcredentials, which are short courses that can help students gain new skills and competencies in their chosen field. He explained how microcredentials can benefit students in their academic and professional development.

Next, the event had an interesting session with Mr. Cris Peralta on Ikigai, which is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”. Ikigai is about finding your passion, purpose, and happiness in life. The concept was deemed relevant to PCCR students because criminology is a field that requires a solid understanding of human behavior.

As the event approached its end, it recognized the top 10 partner schools of PCCR based on their performance and partnership with the college. These schools have shown excellence and commitment in producing quality graduates who have become successful criminologists and law enforcers. They received plaques of recognition from Mr. Bangcola and Ms. Angelica Lei Bautista, the President of PCCR.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Ms. Bautista, who thanked all the attendees for their presence and support. She also reiterated that PCCR is the best choice for these partner high schools to send their graduates. She then surprised everyone by singing a song that expressed her gratitude and appreciation for PCCR and its partner schools.

Gabi ng Pasasalamat was a memorable evening dedicated to expressing heartfelt gratitude to PCCR’s collaborators and partners. It aimed to showcase their contribution to PCCR’s continuous success.