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September 19, 2022
JAPI Executive Director Krishna Alejandrino (center left) shakes hands with PCCR EVP Karim Bangcola (center right)

In pursuit of quality education and professional development, Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Junior Achievement of the Philippines Incorporated (JAPI), a non-government organization specializing in providing life skills training toward personal success and development. Focusing on workforce readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship, JAPI is a member of the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about the aforementioned life skills.

Signing the partnership agreement were PCCR Executive Vice President Karim Bangcola and JAPI Executive Director Krishna Alejandrino. Present to witness the historic event were PCCR Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Noel Sergio, High School Principal Dr. Joju Minoza, Student Experience Head Eduard Solomon, Business Development Head Jose Mari Melad, and JAPI National Project Manager Paula Patrice dela Cruz.

JAPI and PCCR will collaborate to continuously enhance the skills of the Senior High School teachers, as well as the Grade 11 students. The overall goal of the partnership is to make the students employable and to help them succeed in the global economy. As such, JAPI will provide three distinct learning programs that will each focus on one skill: Economics for Success (Entrepreneurship), eSmart Digital License+ (Digital Literacy/Employment Readiness), and JA Personal Finance (Financial Literacy).

The universal appeal of the partnership with JAPI lies in the fact that the improvements are not limited to business. The life skills taught in the three distinct programs are necessary for all professions. The World Economic Forum has even highlighted Digital Literacy as integral to daily life. Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy help to ensure economic survivability regardless of situation.

In the field of Criminology, the learned skills will help the students specialize in fields such as Cybersecurity, Financial Analysis, Forensic Science, and many others.

Graduates of each program will receive certificates that students can use as evidence of their skills enhancement, increasing their employability and appeal in the corporate world.



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