For the Good of the
Public and the Country
“Pro Bono Publico Et Patria”

Student Affairs and Services 


The Student Affairs and Services (SAS) supervises all student activities and services, particularly regarding sports, health and guidance programs, discipline, student development and campus ministry. 


SAS Vision: To become the center for holistic development of Batang 641 guided by the core values of LEADERSHIP. 


SAS Mission: To empower students to create and engage in meaningful student activities, provide venues for character formation and leadership development, and uphold standards to achieve an environment conducive for learning and growth.


Student Services

PCCR envisions the Batang 641 graduate as a person who makes a difference in the community. PCCR formation is designed to ensure that the student becomes a true and effective agent of change and transformation in society.

Ang Buhay Batang 641. This is the introduction to Batang 641 life and culture. The PCCR school year opens with a formal orientation for all new students, freshmen and transferees. The activity introduces them to their new surroundings and provides all the information needed to facilitate their adjustment to Batang 641 life. This formal orientation is supplemented by character formation seminars that help the new students to assimilate PCCR culture and values. 

Kalingang PCCR: Service learning coordinated with the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). PCCR uses this mandatory course to cultivate service values among the youth. Concepts and theories are translated into practice as the program trains Batang 641 students to do community service in pre-selected pilot communities. In addition, PCCR strongly believes in the importance of community extension. With this, every Batang 641 will become part of high-impact extension work for the socially disadvantaged and will be trained to become civic-conscious citizens. 

On-the-Job Training/Practicum. This includes preparatory Leadership and Skills Organization Development seminars and Workshops. Every Batang 641 graduate is envisioned to become a leader in his community or professional station in the future. Officers of the various school organizations are also made to undergo formation sessions where their leadership potentials are identified, enhanced and put into practice in their On-the-Job assignments. 

Tatak Batang 641. The Batang 641 legacy is ensured through SAS Career and Placement Services which assists graduates in finding employment appropriate to their individuality and academic preparation. It ensures that the graduate’s choice will be a positive contribution to self, family and society through a comprehensive career development program and networking with industries, government offices, NGOs and other institutions of learning. Other services include Career Counseling, Self-Assessment, Career Exploration and Skills Enhancement. 

Other Services

Multi-Faith Services. This unit is an organic part of the PCCR community mandated to build a vibrant  Christian community in the campus. Committed to the PCCR  core values of LEADERSHIP, this service intends to provide a venue for spiritual expression and witnessing, organizes and facilitates programs to deepen understanding of faith, and promotes social awareness and responsibility between the PCCR community and other people. 

College Guidance Office (CGO). The office is mandated to help students cope with their academic life by providing a holistic formation. The CGO maintains students’ profiles, conducts psychological tests, provides psychological counseling, organizes seminars, and gives career advice to PCCR students. 

Health Services. PCCR provides medical and dental services to meet the ordinary and emergency needs of students, faculty, staff and administrators. The clinic is equipped with facilities for treatment of emergency cases. It has a resident nurse and physician.

Physical Wellness. PCCR provides opportunities for students to engage in sports and physical activities through the Sports Development Office. SAS encourages all Batang 641 to engage in activities that aim to develop a lifelong appreciation of wellness and fitness. The office organizes annual intramurals that  support sports and wellness clubs. 

Community Extension. The office establishes and maintains working relationships with the community. It is the office responsible for identifying, designing and planning student outreach activities and ensures their implementation, monitoring and evaluation in collaboration with partner institutions. 

Student Rights

PCCR recognizes the rights of the students in school as defined in Chapter 2, Section 9 and Chapter 3, Section 15 of the Education Act of 1982.

  1. The right to receive, primarily through competent instruction, relevant quality education in line with national goals, which are conducive to their full development as persons with human dignity. 
  2. The right to freely choose their field of study subject to existing curricula and to continue their course therein up to graduation, except in cases of academic deficiency or violation of disciplinary regulation.
  3. The right to school guidance and counseling services for making decisions and selecting alternatives in fields of work suited to his/her potentials.
  4. The right to access his/her personal records, the confidentiality of which the school shall maintain and preserve.
  5. The right to issuance of official certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, grades, transfer credentials and other similar documents within 30 days from request.
  6. The right to publish a student newspaper and similar publications, as well as the right to invite resource persons.